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About DuraGlaze Bathroom Refinishing

DuraGlaze is a locally owned and operated company that has been serving the Central Florida, Tampa and Jacksonville areas since 1998. We specialize in bathtub re-glazing, bathroom refinishing, countertop refinishing and tile resurfacing. Our highly trained, fully insured, licensed and bonded technicians are your one-stop contact for all your refinishing needs. Backed by a five-year warranty, DuraGlaze has a strong commitment to providing quality service to meet all your residential and commercial bathroom updating needs.

Don’t Replace it, Glaze it! Save Time, Money & Get The Updated Look You Are Looking For!

Replacing or remodeling your tub or shower can be an expensive and an extremely time consuming process. Finding a replacement that meets your needs may take many days to weeks. The cost of removing or remodeling your current tub or shower and accommodating a new model may often lead to unexpected expenses. Using Durglaze's process allows you to extend the life of your tub or shower and rejuvenate your bathroom to a new and clean part of your home. Call us today and become one of our thousands of happy clients!

Bathtub Refinishing

When you decide to refinish your bathroom, please think of DuraGlaze of Florida. Call us today to discuss how we might meet your glazing needs.

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Tile Refinishing
Tiled Bathroom

Don’t put replace your old tile? Let us clean and glaze it for you! DuraGlaze can make old tile lookk beautiful again in a matter of hours.

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Countertop Refinishing
Kitchen Counterop

Don’t pay a fortune to remodel your counter tops, resurface what already exists! Save money and improve your look today!

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The DuraGlaze Process

After making sure that the entire surface is completely clean, we apply an acid to etch the surface finish. The acid takes off the gloss from the original finish and etches the surface. Millions of microscopic fissures are opened into the original surface. This will allow our adhesive primer to penetrate into the surface and create a strong mechanical bond. This is a very important step. Although acid etching is an unpleasant process for the technician, anyone who tells you that it isn't necessary is not providing superior service.

While some companies only etch the tub, DuraGlaze of Central Florida etches and applies the strongest bonding agent available. It is more time consuming, but acid etching and then applying a bonding agent ensures the best possible bond between each surface. After the acid etching process is completed, we repair any significant chips, pitted areas, or scratches. Then, we apply the bonding agent to increase the adhesion between your tub and the new finish.

Our technicians mask around the tub and all of the fixtures, protect cabinets and adjacent areas with plastic. The first coat applied to the tub is a catalyzed epoxy adhesive primer. It is applied using a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) application system. This system applies the adhesive primer at less than 7 lbs. per square inch to minimize overspray. The epoxy adhesive primer flows onto the surface and into the microscopic fissures and pores created by the acid etch process.

Finally, we mix the DuraGlaze resin and catalyst, and apply multiple coats of DuraGlaze using the same HVLP method. At this point a chemical reaction takes place. The new finish begins to harden and fuse with the epoxy adhesive primer. The result is a refinished surface that looks better, lasts longer, and cleans easier for a fraction of the cost of replacement.